Modern gesture-based metronome

Taptronome is the first gesture-based metronome for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Designed for ease-of-use and glanceability, engineered for accuracy, and optimized for accessibility.


Pan up or down to adjust the tempo

Swipe left or right to change the time signature

Tap to detect a tempo from your taps

iPhone Demo

Apple Watch Demo

Apple Accessibility icon

Accessibility for VoiceOver Users

Taptronome is optimized for accessibility, making it the simplest metronome for musicians who also use VoiceOver. While VoiceOver is running, use the same slide and swipe gestures for changing tempo and timing. Double-tap to start. Two-finger double tap for additional settings.

Taptronome in Action

The Team

Kevin Kazmierczak

Matt Braun

John Yanarella
Need help? Send us an email at taptronome@gmail.com